Customer Service

Installation at Chestnut Ridge Park
Orchard Park, NY

At Tower Optical we know that the success of our business is dependent on customer satisfaction. To that end, we provide quality products backed by a knowledgeable and accessible service team.

Service and Technical Support
Our bonded, factory-based service technicians average over 29 years of experience in the viewing service industry. They are equipped and available to respond to any question or concern related to our viewers. Technical support, service and replacement parts are provided at no charge.

Each Tower Optical coin-operated binocular viewer is overhauled annually, on-site, by a member of our service team. This ensures optimum viewer appearance and function. Periodic on-site maintenance overhauls are also provided for our free-use viewers.

If you would like more information about our binocular viewers, please call us at 203.866.4535.